donderdag 19 augustus 2010

Light in the head

Light as in bright, but also as in light as a feather. Only since yesterday afternoon I feel 90% myself again. The past few days have been a little scary. My eye-sight was not as normal. I could see straight ahead, but if I had to cross a street and look left-right-left and then straight ahead again, I noticed my eyes really had to focus. Getting up in the morning was hard. I was so extremely tired that during the day it felt as if I would faint if I would not go to sleep instantly. Thank goodness that is now gone. I guess my spirit is in line with my body again. Maybe it is time to finish this drawing of the third eye I started a few months ago. Drawing always helps me focusing and going through emotions.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. zo, dat lijkt me echt angstig idd. Fijn dat het weer wat beter gaat en succes met je nieuwe mandala

  2. That is completely beautiful! I'm glad you're feeling better!

  3. O that sounds very familiar. I have athrosis in my neck, that effects my focus and hearing. It also makes me feel like I have been drinking. It is terrible. I hope you are feeling a bit better!! And I do love your mandala!

  4. How scary, I'm glad you are feeling better now!

  5. Jeetje, wat eng zeg!! Gelukkig dat het nu weer beter gaat!! De mandala is prachtig!!! Sterkte nog! liefs, Nancy

  6. Ik ben zeer onder de indruk van jouw mandala's. Eerder maakte ik ook mandala's (geen idee waarom ik dat nu niet meer doe)
    Gebruik jij ook Derwent kleurtjes?
    Nog bedankt voor jouw reactie op mijn blog ^_^



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